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About Rosebush Marimba
Peter Bush at PASIC 2011

Hello Folks! I have been making marimbas since 1985, and have been improving them every year. Although the first marimbas I saw were African (diatonic), I knew I wanted to make a chromatic, full range marimba right away!

A love of art, music, science, woodworking, and industrial design blended perfectly into the marimba for me. A frustration with the bass end of most commercial five octave marimbas led to the throwing out of the 4" maximum pipe size and going to 5". IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

I am trying to offer an alternative for players who simply want more power but still demand clarity. I have some models that have a five inch pipe on the bottom C note. The fundamental power is incredible. The spread between octaves is almost identical to most marimbas except for the bottom five or six notes. I also have some that just go to four and one quarter inches.

Harmonic tuning of the notes is the most important part of any marimba, in my opinion. I chart all my overtones and edge notes as I tune them to insure no "zingers" creep in. The dissonant beating of edge notes and overtones can ruin the most beautiful bar if not properly tuned. Keeping track of seven or eight notes per bar is a real challenge, but that is what marimba making is all about.

Want more power? Try a five inch pipe on your bottom C note!

I have designed: A Quiet rail joint that is slip fit, very strong, and only rubber to wood contact. My own tunable stoppers that give you an incredible edge over marimbas without them. Buried rail hinges - 3/16 steel, extremely strong and rust proofed.

I also make a complete line of diatonic (key of C) marimbas with padouk notes and PVC pipes.

I am a sound scientist, musician, artisan, craftsman, and industrial designer who is constantly improving my marimbas. I believe there is always something to be improved in any marimba.

Please call my shop in Estacada to arrange a time to come visit and play one of my marimbas.


- Peter Bush

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